My Name is Niklas Elgeryd, a professional movement, yoga teacher trainer, and freediving instructor. I’m also co-founder of Kvarterets Kombucha, a micro brewery on Södermalm, Stockholm. Since 2018 I also have the great pleasure of being head health consultant at Wejd, a Swedish software development firm.

I love traveling and teaching people how to take more control of their minds and bodies in stressful and demanding moments. Whether that stress comes from being upside down in a handstand, if you are freediving deeper than you’ve ever been before or if someone is trying to kick you in the face in a thai boxing ring. In my mind, all of these situations are great opportunities to get deeper into your own mind and a perfect way to get to know yourself.

The goal of my practice and teaching is to make you more able to use your body and mind in a functional and effective way, not just in extreme sports situations but in everyday life as well. It covers a wide spectrum of skills, all the way from something as basic as how to squat or breathe correctly, to more fancy stuff like press up hand stands, juggling, parkour rolls or spinning kicks.

Some of my previous and current employer:
EA Dice, Freedive Gili, Gili Yoga, Fusion Freediving, All Star Gym, Brahma Yoga, Fitness 24 Seven, Yoga DJ sessions, Tallkrogen yoga, Puls och träning, Yes Yoga, Stockholm Stad (Västertorp / Farsta / Eriksdalsbadet), X-forxe negative, Siladen spa and resort, Wejd, Bantaba Kairami, DBhälsospecialisten, World class gym (Slussen / Alvik/ Vasastan / Sundbyberg)…



The concept of movement practice is a wide, playful and analytic approach to human movement. By using techniques and ideas from various physical practices. Such as gymnastic strength training, parkour flow, breathing exercises from freediving, kicks from taekwondo, hand eye coordination through juggling.

These are just a few examples of inspiration, the goal is not to become the perfect specialist, it’s to become a great generalist.

One thing that all of these disciplines have in common is that they originate from a focused mind. I have never seen anyone learn how to juggle by throwing a ball into the floor repeatedly without trying to catch it, focus and intent is key.



Yoga is one of the many disciplines that I am committed to. I see a lot of value in a lot of different yoga styles but I would say that my main point of focus would be a mixture of physically demanding Vinyasa and Hatha.
Handstands have also become an obsession in the last few years.

Since I have a background as a freediving instructor, breathing will also be a big focus point to help bring more control to both body and mind.

I’m currently part of the teaching team for the anatomy and physiology part of the yoga teacher trainings at the lovely Gili Yoga, in Lombok, Indonesia.

Me and my wife have also recently held our very own teacher training on Siladen island that is located in Bunaken national marine park in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Certified yoga instructor, Radiantly Alive 200+100h YTT 2014, Yoga alliance certified.



Freediving has always been a part of my life. Ever since I was a little kid in the cold waters of Sweden, being under water just seemed like a good idea for some reason. Some people might think it’s an adrenaline thing, for me it’s quite the opposite. Holding your breath, especially while under water triggers a calming and blissful state, both physically and mentally.

Since 2007 I’ve been living in south east Asia on and off to practice and teach freediving, my second home in the world would be the Freedive Gili shop on Gili Trawangan, Lombok, Indonesia.


- PureApnea, freediving instructor level 2, 2017
- SSI, freediving instructor level 2, 2012
- PADI, Emergency First Response instructor, 2012



Besides freediving I practice and teach breathing for a bunch of different purposes.
- Stress reduction and focus exercises
- Athletic breathing (running, fighting, climbing…)
- Ice swimming
- Breathing for posture


- Apnea training
- Wim Hof method
- Bio-dynamic breathing
- Holotropic breathing
- Pranayama.



3D chess with MASSIVE consequences, that would be one way of describing Thai boxing. Another way could be a controlled chaos of bliss and aggression. I’ve never seen martial arts as violence, I think of it more as a perfect tool to keep calm through feeling safe in your own body.
I started practicing different martial arts from the age of
14. It has been a mixture of kung-fu, capoeria, boxing, bujinkan taijutsu among other things but the styles that sole my heart has always been Thai boxing and Taekwondo.
Thai boxing for it’s stability, power and effectiveness by using the “art of 8 limbs”, using elbows and knees
as well instead of ignoring some of the best tools in the box.
Taekwondo for it’s grace and balance… and seriously, flashy kicks are super fun and awesome!




Besides all the movement stuff I’m also one of the co-founders of Kvarterets Kombucha. A micro brewery located on Södermalm, run by two guys in their early thirties:

Fredrik Berg, is a father of two with a passion for painting and writing.

And me, an ex cocktail bartender who still wants to get my mixology fix, but instead of alcohol we serve probiotic drinks with seasonal flavours.

Local stuff is the name of the game and we leave as little of a c02 print as possible by delivering all our Kombucha by bike.

We deliver our Kombucha to cafés, restaurants, gyms, yoga studios, events, offices, home delivery… if you live on boat I’m sure we would deliver there as well, I’ve got great carbon fins so swimming to you will not be a problem.

If you want to know more or place an order, just visit




Gili Trawangan
Lombok Indonesia

Sun 3 November - Sat 30 November, 2019

For the THIRD!!! time I will be a part of the teaching team at Gili Yoga’s wonderful teacher training. Yet again me and my wife (Michaela Elgeryd) will teach the anatomy and physiology part of the YTT. I am not a stranger to this spot, me and Michaela have been living here on and of since 2012 to teach both yoga and freediving. This YTT is run by the very talented record holding freediver and yoga beast named Kate Middleton. If you want to learn how to move smoothly and smash records, she’s a good source of a lot of info.

If you want to learn how to teach yoga while hanging out in one of the worlds best spots to train freediving then feel free to join in on the fun :)